Haida HR First Meeting: Foreign teachers receive a ‘yummy’ welcome to new semester with DIY Mooncakes

Welcoming teachers back to their schools for the new semester, and helping them fit in the school life as they get acquainted with the Chinese traditions and culture, Haida Interact International organized a ‘First Meeting’ for all teachers in Futian Area.

Coincidentally, the meeting was held during the Mid-Autumn Festival. To mark the celebrations, Haida HR conducted a DIY Mooncake activity for the foreign teachers. The activity aided the foreign educators in gaining a better comprehension of the tradition and legends associated with the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

The DIY Mooncake activity during the ‘First Meeting’ was conducted in a similar style to that of the one conducted by Haida HR for its foreign teachers in Hangzhou. The teachers were told about the different styles of mooncakes such as Cantonese style mooncake and Suzhou style mooncake. The educators later participated in the mooncake making activity.

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The Trendiest Car Accessories that Make Driving Efficient, Safe and Fun!

You’d be really living under a rock If you consider cars to be a luxury only selected people could afford. Gone are the days when a car was looked at as a luxurious way to commute, nowadays car is an asset. It is every person’s ambition to own a car and to travel to their workplace every day. In the recent trends, it has changed further over to a smart companion one has in their journey. The cars are now lavish, technologically advanced, and smart.

Cars are equipped with trendy gadgets which make them upbeat with this generation. This generation is looking out for personalisation and security from a car. Although the same brand and the same model, everyone wants their car to be a little extra special. Personalisation in the features and enhanced security are some of the aspects where the car accessories crawl in. A personal touch to … Read the rest

Travel to Myanmar: Have a Tryst With the Land of Pagodas

Myanmar, the otherworldly place where there is pagodas is situated in Southeast Asia. It is encompassed by five neighboring nations yet it isn’t arriving bolt as its west and south opens into the ocean. The western drift faces the Bay of Bengal and the southern drift faces the excellent Andaman Sea. It is a place that is known for secret for what it’s worth yet to be found. Myanmar has a lot of miracles for the eye. Travel to Myanmar and treat yourself to an extravagance occasion to this place where there is astounding amazements and tranquil excellence. Motivate your creative ability with acclaimed landmarks, rich legacy and new culture. Benefit any of the world’s extravagance travel offices for a customized occasion to this place of dazzling excellence. An extravagance occasion isn’t only an adventure into extravagance yet in addition ever, culture and legacy, it is the sort of occasion … Read the rest

5 Amazing places to visit in Lonavala for a memorable trip:

Lonavala is one of the beautiful hill stations in India. It merely leaves you spellbound when you wander from place to place. While you are traveling from one spot to another, your eyes will lit up as you will feel some majestic and incredible views on this popular hill station.

There are lots of things you can do in this lovely place. It offers you a beautiful experience of the naturalistic environment which is surrounded with waterfalls, greenery, thick woods, dam closes, trekking camp activities and more.

As a traveler, all you have to do is book luxurious hotels in Lonavala and start exploring the realistic scenic beauties through a hotel travel guide, or you can even explore the dense waterfalls and spots on your own.

This tour to Lonavala will be an incredible tour because you can feel the nature over here and have some real fun in trekking … Read the rest