3 Awesome Reasons to Visit Bali in January

If you are looking for the perfect place to vacation in January, you may want to consider Bali as one of the most perfect places on earth this time of year. Yes, it can be a bit rainy, but the temperatures are mild and that is the one thing most winter travelers are seeking. Most of the northern hemisphere is blanketed in snow in January and rather than facing a mid-winter break at home where the shoveling and snow blowing is out of control, why not take a lovely break in a luxury hotel where you will be treated like royalty? If that doesn’t say it all, here are three awesome reasons why you would want to visit Bali, especially in January.

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1. Beat the Summer Crowds

There are actually two very distinct seasons in Bali. There is the high season, which is usually at its height in July and August. Then there is what is considered the low season, which is the time of year most of the United States and Europe are facing blizzards and sub-freezing temperatures. The low season on the island of Bali can also be the rainy season, but with global warming, rain isn’t as prevalent as it once was. This means that with temperatures warm enough to enjoy the lovely beaches and fewer crowds to tackle, it’s much more enjoyable than when the island is at its busiest.

2. Tranquility After the Holiday Rush

So many people actually prefer to take their annual leave in January simply because they are burnt out after the holiday rush. From shopping to holiday parties to entertaining at home, it’s finally time to take a deep breath. This is the time when you can pamper yourself in most of the hotels in Jimbaran Bay Bali because you won’t be battling crowds using the same services you so enjoy. This is the time of year when you are likely to encounter other business professionals like yourself who worked long and hard hours to get the seasonal merchandise out to customers in time for the holidays. This is the time to enjoy the tranquility that only idyllic islands like Bali can offer.

3. Low Season Discount Packages

Finally, since it is still considered the low season, you can often find discount flight and hotel packages if you take the time to do a bit of research. Even if you don’t find any, you can usually get discount packages in most hotels simply because it’s low season and fewer people book at this time of year. Whether traveling with a group, as a family or solo, do ask about discount rates that make this trip even more enjoyable – if that was even possible! Visiting Bali any time of year makes for the perfect vacation, but in the winter, when the rest of the world you live in is cold and icy, January is perfect. You won’t be battling crowds as huge as they would be in late July and you will get to enjoy beaches and panoramic scenery not spoiled by masses of people dotting the landscape. Not yet convinced? Take a look at this video from just a couple years ago and you’ll see what one traveler found in December! Not what you’d find at home, so make those reservations now!