Things about Digha you didn’t know

Digha is a resort town in West Bengal. It is known for its sandy yellow beaches, serene environment and lush greenery. It offers picturesque views and a lot of natural beauty for nature enthusiasts. For adventure enthusiasts, there are many adventure activities that you can do on the beach, and for people interested looking to get a better understanding of the marine life and biodiversity from the experts themselves, there is the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre. In a nutshell, Digha offers everything for every kind of traveller.

Digha is an extremely popular tourist spot, but it was not always like this. Right now, the West Bengal government takes a lot of initiatives to improve the infrastructure of the place and ensure that it grows as a tourist destination even further. But how did it become such a vibrant tourist destination in the first place?

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Best Places to Visit in Africa

Have you always wanted to step foot onto the African continent? If yes, then this article is undoubtedly for you! However, with over 54 countries to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a specific one from where you should start. As such, you will find in the below some of the best places to visit in Africa, which might help you plan your next trip!


Malawi is an attractive country located in south-eastern Africa. There are 2 small wildlife parks in the south namely Majete and Liwonde, which are relatively accessible and should please your safari dreams. At Majete, the whole elephant herds had to move to another park because the “Big Five” animals have been re-established. At Liwonde, you will be able to take a boat safari for a one of a kind experience.

Nevertheless, the main attraction in Malawi is the Lake Malawi, lined … Read the rest