Sanan ghats at Prayagraj Kumbh Mela

Located at the confluence of three rivers, the Saraswathi, the Ganga and the Yamuna, Allahabad is a holy city of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city serves as the headquarters of the Maha Kumbh Mela that takes place once in 12 years. The astrologers calculate it as the most sacred moment to participate in the “Holy Dip Program”.


The sacred place of Sangam is the place where the most revered event of the Hindus takes place: the Kumbh Mela. It is located about 7 km from the municipality of civil lines of the city. The term ‘Sangam’ is a Sanskrit word, meaning Confluence. This is the place where tourists can witness the amalgamation of three of the most sacred rivers in the Hindu mythological: Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati.

In the union, visitors can clearly see the brown waters of the Ganges and the pure waters of the Yamuna merging into … Read the rest

Cool Things to Do While Staying in Bangkok, Thailand

When you fly into Bangkok, it can be a good idea to plan out some cool things to do while staying there. The city can be whatever you want it to be, based on the experiences you choose to have. It’s not necessary to follow the normal tourist path if you don’t wish to.

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Here are three things to do while in Bangkok that are fun and interesting.

See the Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho is a major tourist attraction that’s worth the time investment. The Buddha statue is an imposing figure at forty-six meters deep by fifteen meters in height. The statue is carefully clothed in gold leaf which is more impressive the closer you get to this gleaming vision. Needless to say, it’s not necessary to be a Buddhist to enjoy a visit to the Wat Pho temple.

There’s also some symbolism … Read the rest

Thailand for Families: More Tips and Tricks

Thailand may not be known as a popular destination for family trips, but that doesn’t mean it is not a destination to consider. While cities like Bangkok and historic sites in Chiang Mai are great for solo travelers and couples, they are just as rich and rewarding when you are traveling with children.

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There are also destinations that allow the entire family to relax and enjoy the country’s beautiful landscape. Attractions like Chiang Mai Night Safari will certainly get kids excited. Before you hop on a plane to Thailand with the family, there are some more tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Get the Kids Involved

Involving the kids when planning a family trip to Thailand is a great first step to take. They can give you ideas on which attractions they want to visit the most and the entire holiday will be fun for everyone. … Read the rest

Best Southeast Asian Destinations to Visit on a Long Break

Going on an extended holiday is always fun. You have more time to explore interesting attractions and visit various cities as you travel for more than the standard two weeks. There are some great destinations to visit too, especially if you are looking for places with plenty of new things to try.

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For an extended holiday on a budget, Southeast Asia is the region you want to visit. Cities in this region are famous for being affordable for international travelers on a budget. There are also a lot of new things to try and incredible experiences to absorb. So, which cities are best for you?

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a popular destination among budget travelers for all the right reasons. While a trip to Phuket will not put a lot of stress on your budget, you can still enjoy a good pampering and spend days exploring the … Read the rest

4 of the Best Islands for a Family Vacation

Few things are better than being able to head off to a tropical island for a family vacation. You get to spend your days having some fun in the sun, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy both on land and in the water. But with so many beautiful islands to choose from all over the world, where should your next exciting adventure take place? Check out this list of four of the best islands for a family vacation to get some ideas.

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1. Guam

The great thing about Guam is that it is an island that has a little something for everyone. Want to lounge on a beautiful beach and go snorkeling in the clear, warm water? You got it. Want to go hiking in the great outdoors? No problem. Want to check out amazing historical sites? You can do that too. There is no … Read the rest

What You Should Know Before Visiting Thailand If You Are Allergic to Peanuts

Are you planning on a vacation in Thailand sometime in the near future? If so, there are some things about the food in Thailand which you should be aware of. Of course, it is well known that Thai food is a lighter Asian cuisine, i.e. not as heavy as most Chinese dishes, and Thai food is amazingly aromatic due to the spices they use regularly like lemongrass and Thai basil. However, many of the most popular Thai dishes are also made with ingredients like peanuts, which cause allergies in a significant amount of people. Are you allergic to peanuts? If so, here is some of what you should know before setting foot on land.

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Most Popular Dishes in Thailand with Peanuts

Perhaps the most famous dish with peanuts often served right here at home in Thai restaurants would be Pad Thai. It’s obvious that peanuts are in … Read the rest

Enjoyable Activities While Staying in Bangkok, Thailand

When staying in Bangkok, it’s good to have a plan for each day. Otherwise, there’s too much to do and it’ll be difficult to decide on the day’s activities. Firstly, get your accommodation sorted and make sure it’s close to the attractions you want to visit.

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For boutique luxury accommodations in a sociable hostel setting, Siam Hostel Bangkok is a great option. It is close to a number of shopping centers and other places of interest. This makes it very conveniently situated for guests who wish to get the most out of the city but not spend a fortune on transportation to get back to their room.

Here are several enjoyable activities to consider while in Bangkok.

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall is a little more high-end than other retail centers like MBK nearby. It caters to shoppers who wish to find designer … Read the rest

The Best of Bangkok: Top Tips and Trick

We’ve talked about several countries and top destinations to visit in Southeast Asia in the last few articles. Thailand is one of the best countries to visit if you are looking for a culturally-rich holiday experience. Even in big cities like Bangkok, you will find many interesting traditions and local wisdom as you explore Thailand.

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Bangkok is an interesting city to explore. The city has something for everyone; it is home to great street food, hundreds of interesting shops to browse through, and so many more attractions to keep you entertained throughout the trip. It even has a great nightlife and the best parties. These tips and tricks will help you enjoy Bangkok even more.

Take Your Time

Bangkok is not the city you fall in love with when you first arrive. It is not as beautiful as Paris or as charming as Amsterdam. Bangkok is more … Read the rest

What You Can Do and See Near Seminyak Beach, Bali

So, you’ve always wanted to vacation in Bali, where the temperatures are always warm enough to enjoy the lovely beaches. However, you are looking for more than just a seaside resort because there are plenty of those much closer to home. For example, no matter where you live in the United States, there is an ocean to your east or west and typically within a short enough distance to reach in a matter of a couple hours by air. Why, then, would you want to go to Seminyak Beach in Bali if the water was the only attraction? You probably wouldn’t! Here are some of those exciting things to do and see near Seminyak Beach that make this an ideal destination for an affordable luxury vacation.

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Luxury Accommodations at Bargain Rates

One of the things many visitors say about Bali is that they can’t believe the luxury … Read the rest

Why Now Is the Time to See Elephants in Their Native Habitat

Elephants have always held a special fascination by people young and old. Children love seeing them in the circus and when they are given a chance to ride one, that is something they will never forget all the days of their lives. But, have you ever wondered why elephants are so fascinating other than their sheer enormity? If you have a lifelong interest in elephants, there really are few places left on earth where you can actually still see them in their natural habitat. Wouldn’t you like to see them in as close a setting as possible while you still have the chance?

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Why Now?

Whether elephants are fascinating to you or not, there is one thing which should interest you and that is the fact that these amazing creatures are now at, or near, the top of most of the world’s endangered species lists. Consider African … Read the rest