Haida HR First Meeting: Foreign teachers receive a ‘yummy’ welcome to new semester with DIY Mooncakes

Welcoming teachers back to their schools for the new semester, and helping them fit in the school life as they get acquainted with the Chinese traditions and culture, Haida Interact International organized a ‘First Meeting’ for all teachers in Futian Area.

Coincidentally, the meeting was held during the Mid-Autumn Festival. To mark the celebrations, Haida HR conducted a DIY Mooncake activity for the foreign teachers. The activity aided the foreign educators in gaining a better comprehension of the tradition and legends associated with the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

The DIY Mooncake activity during the ‘First Meeting’ was conducted in a similar style to that of the one conducted by Haida HR for its foreign teachers in Hangzhou. The teachers were told about the different styles of mooncakes such as Cantonese style mooncake and Suzhou style mooncake. The educators later participated in the mooncake making activity.

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