Kuching, Malaysia Tourism Guide

One of Asia’s most magnificent cities is in Borneo. There’s little traffic in the city and plenty of places to eat at and to stay at. Read on to find out more about the things you can do and see there.

Staying In Kuching

There’s plenty of places to stay. You can stay in anything from romantic boutique hotels such as Borneo Rainforest Lodge to budget hotels such as the Waterfront Lodge. Feel free to check out places like the Singgahsana Lodge, which features a rooftop bar and it is a popular backpacker hostel. There’s literally something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Furthermore, you’ll want to go to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre because you will have the chance to see orangutans, but this is not a tourist attraction, as it’s a rehabilitation centre that’s helping the species due to them being threatened. There are over 20 orangutans here, and they roam free and swing from tree to tree, so you’ll get to see them in their natural environment. Best of all, you will get to see them being fed, if you go there during one of the two times they are fed per day.

Things to See and Do

Kuching is known for its waterfront and it is the perfect place to go to for a sunset stroll. You will love walking along the Sarawak River on the pedestrian promenade, which is one-mile long. Malay Kampongs is located across the water, and it was once a fort. Today, a massive parliament building dwarfs it, and if you look at it, you will think it resembles a spaceship made out of gold.

Let’s not forget to mention you want you can take a river cruise. However, the sampan ferry is more fun. It is also cheap, as it costs just under 20 Pence to ride.

There aren’t a lot of major sights in Kuching. However, you will definitely want to pop into the Sarawak Museum, which has been opened since 1891. You’ll love viewing the collection of fauna and local flora, as well as learning about the indigenous tribes that live in the rainforest.


You will love Kuching because it’s a food lover’s paradise. You can easily find delicious street food that costs less than £1, but you should go to Seng Kee first, which is located in Chinatown. There, you will find great tasting dishes such as pork satay, fish-ball soup and Sarawak laksa. You’ll also find Chinese rice porridge on the menu, as well as many other items that will appeal to your taste buds.

There’s no shortage of fine dining places too. You can go to Bla Bla Bla for Asian fusion cuisine or you can head over to Junk, which serves pasta and pizza. There, you’ll notice an impressive collection of antiques.

Where to Grab a Drink

For afternoon tea, you can go to James Brooke Bistro, which serves delicious tasting drinks. The locals prefer coffee that has been freshly roasted using beans from Sarawak plantations, which is why they go to Black Bean Coffee located at Ewe Hai Street. If you’re a coffee addict, then make sure you go there too.

The Drunk Monkey is a good place to go to for drinks, and so is the Monkeebar, which is a hot spot in Kuching and people love to go there for affordable drinks. Best of all, it’s own by the NGO, and they give some of their profits to a conservation project that helps orangutans. If you are into metal and live reggae, then go to The Canteen on the weekends.