Planning A Glamorous Camping Trip With Friends

Travelers who wish to explore camping sites throughout the U.S. and Canada could find real opportunities for fun. The concept of glamping provides travelers with a combination of camping and staying at a five-star hotel. The opportunities provide them with access to amazing and breathtaking locations with a little something extra. Event coordinators provide these travelers with access to glamorous camping opportunities right now.

Choosing the Best Location

The event coordinators provide the travelers with a wide array of camping sites. These sites include but are not limited to Zion, Moab, Glacier, and the Smoky Mountains. The travelers can start by selecting their preferred location and coordinate their efforts based on the packages available for these areas.

Coordinating the Event

Next, they start by coordinating their event based on the total number of guests who will attend. This includes tent accommodations for all guests and their plus ones. The accommodations provide luxury bedding, comfortable beds, and unique furnishings. Each tent boasts a stunning theme and provides extras based on this concept. The event coordinator assists with booking these reservations and explore all options for the event.

Choosing Catering Services for the Trip

The travelers can also book on-site catering services for their trip or event. They have access to local catering services including select restaurants in the area. They must plan ahead to ensure access to their favorite menu selections. Larger parties need to provide advanced notice if they want delicacies or specialty foods for their event.

Booking Tickets for Local Attractions

Included in these event packages are tickets for local attractions. This could include anything from concerts to theatrical presentations. The event coordinator reviews these options with travelers to ensure that tickets are available. They may also provide discounts based on the total number of individuals in the party.

Travelers who want to experience glamping with a large group of friends have access to impressive opportunities. The concepts combine camping with luxury hotel accommodations. When reviewing their options, the travelers may select campsites available in the U.S. and Canada. Travelers who want to start their plans now contact an event coordinator right now.