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Healing Prowess of Singing Bowls

The basic purposes of singing bowls are actually for the use of meditation, healing and relaxation. In fact, singing bowls are often compared to a bell since it also creates a melodious sound once it is played. Since the singing bowls actually come from Tibet, countries like India, Nepal and Bhutan have also perfected the playing.

The traditional singing bowls are believed to be made of seven different metals mixed together but in today’s generation, these singing bowls are now made up of three or five metals only. The bowl produces a tone that will both make you relax deeply and creates harmonious effect between your soul and your body. If you put the bowl on your body, the sound waves it produces will reach your cell through the vibrations that will also massage your cells and this will continue to happen all throughout your body.You don’t even have to wait that long just to have a taste of the complete relaxation. The use of cellular massage is actually believed to be healing such as having a damage body or healing when you are sick. Relaxation happens once you continue playing with the bowl.

Singing bowl can be played in two ways. First option is to use a mallet to strike the bowl. The second option is to have your bowl rubbed with a wooden stick thus, producing a continuous singing tone. To prove that your singing bowl is good, it should be able to produce different tones as you move your mallet around the bowl’s external. If you want to try the cellular sound massage, you must first lay flat on your back. Once you are comfortable with your position, have the singing bowl placed on your chest. But because bowls are a bit slippery, might as well use a nonslip matting to support your kitchen items and also your bowl and body. Once you have readied yourself and you are already comfortable, you may now begin striking your bowl with the use of a mallet.

Although the sound of the bowl is continuous for quite some time, it is necessary that you also repeat striking the bowl. Singing bowls are not required to always have it place on your chest. Another option is to have it on your back but reaching it and striking it is a bit difficult. But if you really want to have the singing bowl placed on your back, make sure that you have a striker. Have some time finding the right striker for you.

Singing bowls are in fact useful to anyone.

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