Short Course on Lanyards – What You Should Know

What Are Lanyards And What Are They Used For

Office badges are mandatory nowadays.When the ID card is punched in, the office gates open and allow the employee to enter and no notorious person or person without the ID card will be able to enter the office premise. To offer convenience to the employees, the personnel use lanyards to attach the ID and this helps the employees to easily wear the ID around their neck.Lanyards will be seen in offices and businesses and this is usually a much more convenient way to carry ID than in a pocket or wallet where it can be easily lost or forgotten. There are various types available in the market.Besides identity card, one can hold name badge, keys, pen drives, etc in these lanyards.

Other Uses for LanyardsBelow are the list of the important benefits of these lanyards.


The lanyards are attached with small plastic or metal piece with knob to hold things and one can pull the knob to take the thing in and out, and this is convenient.People can face problems in such cases and the people who work on machine prefer breakaway lanyard to hold their identity card. Having lanyards attached to your ID cards makes the process of finding where you placed your ID card in the first place much easier.


Lanyards helps the security personnel identify if anyone entering the premises is authorised to do so as many businesses will issue visitor ID with a different coloured lanyard to those of their regular employee.


Lanyards can also be customised whenever the business is celebrating a special occasion, for example, an anniversary of the business may be printed on the lanyard to announce and celebrate such a special event.Occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or perhaps the commemoration of the number of years service an employee has given the company can all be marked and highlighted on company lanyards.Bigger businesses may issue lanyards in different colours as a way to easily identify which department a particular employee belongs to.

Anything small enough that needs to be quickly accessed could potentially be attached to a lanyard.

This extra level of ID allows them to be distinguished from the general public, who will normally just be wearing festival wristbands.

Purchasing Quality LanyardsIf your office issues printed lanyards, the next time you wear your office ID to go to work, remember that your lanyard has a lot of different uses and purposes that not only help you, but everyone else in the workplace.

When we have discussed the importance of lanyards and its usage, let us now come to the way of purchasing it. Buying online can save you significant amount of time and money since there will be no need for you to trek around the town searching for a credible brick and motor company for purchasing the lanyards.

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