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Selecting a Roofing Contractor

The the best way of selecting the right roofing contractor is by meeting up with them or talking to them over the phone. To locate the best roofing contractor, you can get referrals from friends and family or do a search on the internet as there are many roofing directory sites that will provide a list of roofers in your area. It is recommendable that you also check out the contractor’s website as well.

Conducting research might seem slow but what can take up more time without a mention of the value is fixing a botched roof. So how should you select a roofing contractor? The procedure for selecting a roofing contractor falls into three categories: the contractor’s qualification, workmanship and their past performance.

The Qualifications
Proper License
Having a license is an important thing, but this doesn’t guarantee you that the contractor is a committed professional who will do an excellent job. A the reputable roofer can be identified through their membership to a trade association and if they have taken any education training.

Make Sure that they Have a Permanent Business
When selecting a contractor, you need to be confident that they can complete the project they promised to. One of the best ways of ensuring this is by selecting a contractor who can financially commit to finishing your project. Ensure that they have a permanent address and phone number.

Their Work
It is a requirement that all contractors should have a safety plan, so ask your roofer to provide you with one. Safety plans are important to ensure that the projects get completed and are a regulation required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Ensure that you have checked out how long the contractor’s warranty on the performed work is. A typical period is one year or longer but the time limit doesn’t matter much as to whether the contractor plans to stand behind the warranty. Good roofers will often work beyond a written contract. You must also note that there are manufacturer warranties on products that only remain valid for as long as the contractor is certified to install that product.

Exerience and Customer Service
Make sure that you find out the length of time a contractor has been in business. You might come across a contractor who has been in business for only a year and as excellent work, but it is better to hire one who has at least five years in business. Often, the longer a contractor has been operational, the more experience they have and this often means that you have more choices and better work for your roof.

As for pictures of the previous works by the contractor and references form past clients. Get these details from the contractor’s site or cal previous customers and gather their opinion.

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