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Learning All the Necessary Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Art of Using the Microsoft Excel: Shortcuts that are Important

There are many things that you can do and not just encoding the necessary information in the Microsoft Excel. Do you know that you can save your time and effort by knowing and applying all these tips and shortcuts? Just make sure to click here to get started if you want to make use of all the shortcuts and tricks of Microsoft Excel. Do you know that you don’t need to copy and paste data on all the cells by just following the tips and tricks here mentioned. The following tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will be mention are designed to make you an expert. Using Microsoft Excel is fun and it will be best to arm yourself with all the tricks and shortcuts mentioned here.

Pivot Tables. Do you know that you can make a quick summary of all the information you have in your spreadsheet without the need for you to change any data or item in the tables by using pivot tables? You can easily do this by clicking the Data tab then hit the “Pivot Table” option. After the spreadsheet populates itself after hitting the “Pivot Table”, 4 options will be available for you to use. Use the “report filter” to allow you to only choose the particular row in a spreadsheet or table. By using “Column Labels” the headers can be easily chosen from the spreadsheet. “Row Labels” can help you look at rows in the set. “Value” will allow you to use not just numeric value but also using max, average, sum of numbers or other data.

Transpose. You don’t need to copy and paste data from one row to a new set of columns because you can copy all data in the set using the “transpose” option. This is easily done by making sure to highlight the column that will be transposed, hit “Copy” after right-clicking. Choose the set of tables where you want to add the new set of data copied by clicking the “Paste Special” option.

Simple Calculations. You can use the simple ways of calculations in Excel by doing the following:

o + sign for addition

o – sign for subtraction

o * sign for multiplication

o / sign for division

You can make several calculations to make it easier for you just by using the parenthesis like this example, (9*8+6/4)-9. Another tip is you can both =Average (Cell Range) to average the set of numbers or use =Sum (Cell Range) to summarize column of numbers.

Other Shortcuts. When you want to just look at a particular set of data especially if you are looking for one in a pool of thousands of data, use “Filters”. You can highlight a column or row then remove the duplicates using the “Remove Duplicates” option in the Data tab.

These tips and tricks will surely make your using of Microsoft Excel easier.

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