The Hottest Bars And Nightclubs In Madrid

By: Gabe McIntyre

If you’re planning to go Madrid for a stag weekend (rather than a Lisbon stag do), then you will be pleased to know there are plenty of things to do, which means you shouldn’t plan on having an early night. Plus, things don’t really get going in Madrid until well after midnight. With that said, continue to read on to find out what the best clubs in Madrid are, as well as where the best areas to go are.

The Gran Via

The most famous street in the city is Gran Via, which is where tourists flock to when they want to have fun. Many of the clubs in the city can be found there, and this includes some of the best clubs, bars and restaurants. This is one of the reasons people around Europe go there for their stags, hens or just when they want to get out for the weekend. The street is very long and there are side streets where you will find various types of bars, and some of these bars include:

The Del Diego

If you’re looking for a sophisticated club to go to, then look no further than The Del Diego, which has been regarded as one of the best bars in the city. It is a classy cocktail bar, as well as a tapas restaurant, but it also has a lively feel to it. This is where locals and tourists alike come when they want to have a fun night out or they want to dine on great tasting food.


This bar is located just off of Gran Via and it’s the place to go for a great Spanish boozer. In the late evening is when things really kickoff here. However, if you want to enjoy a few drinks in a laid back environment, then feel free to go there before things start to get noisy.

The above are all great places. However, you want to go to the nightclubs too. Below are some of the best nightclubs to go to in Madrid.

Sala Sol

If you’re looking for a great club to dance the night away at, then you’ll want to go to Sala Sol. It has been a fixture of the Madrid nightlife since the 70s. They play everything from soul to funk to current dance music and electronica. You can easily stay here until the sun comes up.


Pacha is one of the best clubs in the city and it’s considered a super-club, which isn’t surprising considered it bears the same name as the one located in Ibiza. World-renowned DJs play here, but be prepared for the crowd to pick up around three in the morning. Feel free to warm up at other places and then hit up Pacha in the early hours and dance among the hundreds of other patrons who will be there. Trust us, you will not be bored when you are at Pacha.


Another hotspot is Joy, but this is the place to go to for those who can’t get enough techno. Dances are there to get the crowd going and the laser lighting is impressive. There is a huge sunken in dance floor right in the center of the club. This is where you can find patrons dancing the night away, every single night.

There are sofas you can relax on, as well as tables that you can place your drinks on. You can go to the balcony above and look down at everything going on below. Just like all the other major clubs in the city, the real party kicks off around three in the morning.