Things about Digha you didn’t know

Digha is a resort town in West Bengal. It is known for its sandy yellow beaches, serene environment and lush greenery. It offers picturesque views and a lot of natural beauty for nature enthusiasts. For adventure enthusiasts, there are many adventure activities that you can do on the beach, and for people interested looking to get a better understanding of the marine life and biodiversity from the experts themselves, there is the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre. In a nutshell, Digha offers everything for every kind of traveller.

Digha is an extremely popular tourist spot, but it was not always like this. Right now, the West Bengal government takes a lot of initiatives to improve the infrastructure of the place and ensure that it grows as a tourist destination even further. But how did it become such a vibrant tourist destination in the first place?

Facts About Digha You must Know

Digha lies in the district of Purba Midnapore, which is located in the northern end of Bay of Bengal. It was originally known as Beerkul, and was referred as the ‘Brighton of the East’ by Warren Hastings- the first governor general of India- in one of his letters. When in 1923 an English businessman, John Frank Sniath, started living here, he was so smitten by its beauty and tranquility that he convinced the then Chief Minister of West Bengal to develop it into a throbbing tourist destination. An old Church near the old Digha main gate adorned this place at that time. Digha got its name from old Digha, which was also called Alankarpur Digha at that time.

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So, what are the relatively unknown but exciting things in Digha that you can do?

Digha, as we mentioned is a beautiful resort town where people generally come to relax and unwind. Now, since there has been a massive boom in its popularity, the place is not as quiet and serene as it was before, but if you know unconventional places where you can sit and solitude and chill, then there is nothing like Digha on this planet!
Take a leisurely stroll on the beach, and watch the villagers going about their daily chores.

Shankarpur Beach

Pay a visit to the Shankarpur beach, which is just 15 minutes from the        New Digha beach, but what a view it offers! It is aloof, isolated from the usual din, and you can just sit there for hours at a stretch and watch the fishermen doing their work. Not many people know about it as they are mostly focused on the old and the new Digha beach, making it one of the best kept secrets of Digha.

Talasari Beach

Get a hint of Kerala’s natural beauty at the Talasari beach. Yes, it is as beautiful as God’s own country! The sandy beach is lined with palm trees, and gives an extremely laid-back vibe. People come here to forget every care, every worry in the world, and just bask themselves in the picturesqueness of this place.

Barrister Colony

Spend a luxurious evening at the beautiful Barrister colony. This place has some amazing cafes, restaurants, and hotels for you to hang out, and is blessed with a pretty quaint colonial vibe that you will fall in love with. A major part of this area belonged to Mr JC Gupta, a barrister of the Calcutta High Court, and so because of him, the entire colony came to be known as Barrister Colony! Talk about leaving a legacy!

Udaipur Beach

Take a lazy stroll along the Udaipur beach. In the beginning this beach would look like any other normal beach, but explore it a bit further and its beauty would come alive. You will see the beach lined with little fishing boats, and adorned with the towering casuarina trees waiting to give you a warm welcome! Also, the food sold here is heavenly. You can just sit back, sip a beer, enjoy fried crabs, relax, and watch as the frothy waves show you their heavenly dance!

Tajpur Beach

Watch the crabs skittle as you walk towards them on the Tajpur beach. Located at a distance of 18km from Digha, the Tajpur beach is a beautiful holiday destination, which is as beautiful as the Digha beach sans the crowd and the din. The beach forms a lovely crescent shape here, thanks to which it has become a photographer’s and an artist’s muse. You will see really small crabs playing hide and seek here! And you can watch those cute little things all day!!

Digha is a beautiful tourist destination, and you should visit it at-least once in your lifetime. We have amazing Digha hotels on offer to give you a perfect vacation.