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A Tale of Dog Years Remaining

A pet is often defined as a member of the family. This is always correct for all pet owners around the globe. Having a pet is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure that you take good care of it. You have to feed it right; spend time playing with it; take it to a vet for a physical exam every now and then; and of course love it much.

A dog is perhaps the most favorite animal to have as a pet. Dogs are ideal to have as companions as they are known to be man’s best friend. Pet dogs play an active role in family life. They have a lot of functions and to name a few, they can act as guards, walking and exercise companions, and children’s playmates. The role of pet dogs has increased especially in the emotional support of their owners over the years. In fact, a great deal of dog-owners are even participating their dogs in special exercises like dog dancing and dog yoga.

These days, there are a wide variety of product forms out there that dog-owners can purchase for their dogs. The collection of exciting products obtainable is definitely enormous: from dog snacks, dog soaps and shampoos, dog outfits and add-ons, dog strollers, dog homes, to dog coaches and dogsitters, groomers, vets and therapists. Acquiring all of these commodity forms just goes to display that a pet dog is definitely treated as a cherished member of the family. Not to mention, there have been a number of films produced that present the exciting, emotional, and heart-warming partnership among a pet dog and his owner.

Depressing as it may be, a passing away of a pet dog is really like the passing away of a family member. It always can be heartbreaking and is often a great loss to its owners. It is essential to understand that each breed has a different life expectancy when contemplating a dog’s life span. Although finding out dog years to human years would be awesome. It is a widespread perception that 1 human year is equivalent to 7 dog years. Because of the varied life spans of different breeds and sizes of dogs, however, makes this belief inaccurate. The first two years of a dog’s life is a period of fast growth and maturing so the formula is likely to be as follows:

1 human year is equivalent to 10.5 dog years for the initial 2 years; then each following year, 1 human year equals 4 dog years.

The good news is, there is no need for all the confusing math calculations since a dog years calculator is offered on the web today. They can accurately calculate the equivalent age in human years of your dog. All you have to do is simply enter the age of your dog in months or years and select the breed. Once you hit calculate, you will then find out the human age of your dog.

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