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Buyers Guide on Iontophoresis Machines

Iontophoresis machine is used to treat excessive sweating in the body a condition known as hyperhidrosis. People that suffer from this disease experience too much sweat on their hands and feet which can become uncomfortable for them, and those around them.

The patient is expected to connect with the weak current on the machine to reduce too much sweat from being produced on the palms and feet. The treatment is usually about ten sessions, but it may be longer or shorter depending on the client, and hence you need to be committed to the scheduled sessions to stop the excessive sweating.

Using the device is easy as the patient places the affected area on the machine tray for some minutes and then they might be able to stop the excess sweat.
It is essential to note that the machine works differently on each patient and so there is no set standard for the time you will take to stop the sweating. Individuals that have less perspiration rate may get healed faster compared to those that sweat a lot.

The number of treatment sessions may be plus or minus ten which is considered a lot and for such individuals, it is advisable to acquire the machine and get the sessions in the comfort of their home. Using the iontophoresis machine is easy all you need to do is to get some tutorials on how to use it and once you get the machine you can comfortably treat yourself.

The iontophoresis machine is essential to give comfort and relief to patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, and hence you need to check the following important features of the machine during acquisition.

The cost of the machine should be cheaper than getting the services from the clinic and within your budget as well. Many suppliers will charge you close to a thousand dollars for an iontophoresis machine.

Quality should be catered for regarding the functionality of the iontophoresis machine. When checking on quality, don’t forget to ask about the type of batteries used by the machine and you choose one with durable batteries to save on cost.

You should also think about the portability of the machine. Individuals that travel a lot should consider getting a movable machine so that they can get the services as they travel.

The machines can have supplementary features and safety is paramount to ensure you are not electrocuted as you get treatment. Some of the extra features you will come across are, a session timer and durable batteries among others.

You can compare different suppliers and work with the best in the market. Once you settle on the supplier, they should have attractive after-sales services; they should have a warranty for a specified period and a return policy in case the iontophoresis machine doesn’t work well with your condition.

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