Why Packaging Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Guide to Packaging Design

If you are a business owner, it is important that you have a good packaging design; here are some of the best tips in designing your product packaging.

The purpose of great packaging is to attract your audience. If you have products to sell, make sure you know who are the people who would want to buy your product. Perhaps you have products for older women who love to garden or maybe your market is older men who love DIY projects. Package design decisions are made easier if you know who your core audience is.

The benefits of your products will be its selling power. Your packaging should be focused to show how easy it is to use your products or how good your product tastes.

Do not limit yourself to one package design but consider multiple designs. You can print out a few designs and set them out next to each other and see what catches your eye first. Let your family and your friends get involved. Involving others is good because you and your customers may have different tastes. It is important to keep on testing your package designs.

Package design is also determine by the price of your product. Don’t overdesign for a low price point product. If you over design you could have a higher packaging cost than necessary.

If you do your due diligence, check out where you package will be displayed and who’s package it will sit next to. Take time to shop stores where you would like to see your products in and learn what the competition is doing. You can rise above your competition if you know.

Stores might have a difficult time displayed your product if your packaging is unique to the point of not being able to stand correctly or cannot easily be stocked. Make it easy for the store to display your products because this will help translate into better sales for you.

Another consideration you need to make is what material to put your product in – bag or box, plastic or paper? Price drives your choice. Don’t add too much to the cost because of the material you use for your product package.

You brand should be consistent across all your products. Brand consistency is important if you want to command attention to your product on the shelves. Multiple products of a band will help catch customer attention. Your sales can increase if people get attracted to your product packaging.

A package should be thought of an as shelf billboard. There should be enough room on your package to show its benefits. You can display the features and benefits if you have a large package. A small product will give you room to add selling copy and photos.

If you are not some who is good a packaging design, then you should consider using a professional packaging service.

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