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What You can Gain from Microneedling

Microneedling, also called as collagen induction therapy, involves numerous fine needles in creating around hundreds of invisible punctures on the first layer of the skin. No, it may not sound like the most comfortable procedure, especially for those who are hesitant with needles, but it’s practically a minimally invasive treatment; microneedling can be performed by professional dermatologists, aestheticians and plastic surgeons.

One of the main reasons why people go for microneedling is its ability to effectively stimulate elastin and collagen growth; this is the key to better and younger looking skin. Numerous doctors have even stated that microneedling is one of the best and most effective ways to stop or at least slow down aging and the development of wrinkles and fine lines. In just a couple of microneedling sessions, a new generation of skin cells is triggered and it will result to far less crow’s feet, fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Repairs Visible Scars

Back in 2009, a study was conducted and it involved microneedling on acne-scarred participants and almost all of them experienced reduce visibility of acne scars. With the help of home microneedling, which is basically a hand held roller 1.5 mm in size, it was enough to greatly improve any and all appearance of acne stars. Severe scars however call for even longer needles for the best achievable results; better leave it in the hands of professional facialists and dermatologists. Professional grade devices for microneedling can go as long as 3 mm and are incredibly effective against the deepest acne scars, especially when handled by experts.

Microneedling Reverses Sun Damage and Pigmentation

Arguably known as one of the key components of better looking skin, collagen goes even past the reduction of wrinkles. Microneedling is able to stimulate the proper growth of collagen and thus reversing discoloration and sun damage on the skin; it includes hyperpigmentation associated with melasma. A study conducted back in 2015 stated that microneedling is a surely promising treatment for brownish and blotchy facial pigmentation that usually comes with the chronic condition.

Helps in Treating Ageing Skin

Aside from the amazing ability to correct and smooth damaged skin, microneedling can also tighten loose skin which is a huge plus for older men and women; take note, the older a person is the less collagen is produced. Older skin could also benefit greatly from the right kind of fuel and sources, so add tons of beauty food into your diet to give your skin some extra glow.

Microneedling Makes Your Products Work Better

Contrary to popular belief, only around 4 to 8 percentage of serums penetrate the skin, regardless of their brands and prices. The ability to aid skin’s product absorption is greatly appealing and it makes perfect sense since microneedling creates numerous invisible holes on the skin; products are sure to penetrate the skin.

Getting Creative With Skincare Advice

Getting Creative With Skincare Advice