8 Fascinating Experiences you can Find in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most picturesque places in all of Africa – and might we add that it’s quite a lot different from most African countries. While Namibia is just as diverse, just as rich in culture and history, and just as spectacular as its neighboring countries, it is very different in terms of landscape, and it also offers visitors fascinating experiences, most of which cannot be found in any other corner of the continent.

Namibia is predominantly made up of desert, though one can also find quaint, whimsical towns and even a vast stretch of ocean. It is inhabited by a great number of African tribes, and one is easily able to notice their strong presence through the traditional African clothing and rock art sites dotted throughout the country.

While there’s a great African presence in Namibia, the country has also been shaped and influenced by its past, when German settlers first set foot on the land way back in the 1800’s. The names given to the towns such as Swakopmund, Windhoek and Sossusvlei are tell-tale signs of its German roots.

Namibia certainly is a fascinating place with an unusual background, and an even more unusual topography, but nothing compares to the unusual, utterly fascinating experiences that can be found there.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 must-do experiences when visiting Namibia:

  1. Visit the eery Kolmanskop town that’s covered in sand

Kolmanskop is an incredibly fascinating town, which almost look and feels like a ghost town. It was once built for the families of the miners who worked in the area, but after they were relocated the homes were left abandoned. The sand has since swallowed the houses – and this has now become a tourist attraction.

  1. Hike Namibia’s tallest dune: Dune 45

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Sossusvlei in Namibia is home to a vast number of sand dunes, all of which are easy enough to hike. Dune 45, known to be the tallest dune in the park, is the favourite with hikers as it offers the most picturesque views from its peak. Another reason why it’s a favourite to climb – other than the fact that it’s not too strenuous; is its perfect location. At the foot of the dune lays Deadvlei, one of the most unusual landscapes in all of Namibia.

  1. Take a hot air balloon flight over Sossusvlei

Whether you’re looking for a romantic activity, or an adventurous one, Namibia seems to have all the answers. What could be more romantic and adventurous than a hot air balloon flight over the majestic desert sands? It is a favourite with the tourists as it gives one a bird’s eye view of their surroundings, which is said to be absolutely spectacular. Also, hot air ballooning is definitely a bucket list activity!

  1. Holiday in Namibia’s most beautiful seaside city: Swakopmund

Swakopmund is Namibia’s most popular city to visit. It’s situated on the coast of the atlantic ocean. Not too far outside of the city one is able to meander through the ancient desert sands that Namibia is so famous for. There is plenty to do in the city, for beach goers and adventure junkies alike. Holiday in Swakopmund, Namibia – you definitely won’t be sorry!

  1. Take a scenic flight over the rugged coastline of Skeleton Coast

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Not only is Namibia filled with fascinating sights, but it comes with fascinating stories too. Skeleton Coast got its name due to the passing ships that would often run aground there. The weather conditions in that area were often dangerous; with heavy fog, extreme winds and rough seas. Due to the extreme conditions even on the shore – with no place to find drinking water or food, many sailors ended up losing their lives.

Skeleton Coast is an extremely unusual stretch of coast as the desert sands meet the vast Atlantic Ocean. It sure is a sight to behold, and the best way to get there and feast your eyes on the beauty is by taking a scenic flight.

  1. Visit the bushmen rock art sites

The ancient rock art of the Bushmen is a must see! It is absolutely fascinating to see their stunning works and interpret the meaning behind each of their paintings. It is also incredible to learn that these artworks have lasted thousands of years!

  1. Stand on the Tropic of Capricorn

The Tropic of Capricorn runs through Namibia and can be found between Sossusvlei and Walvis Bay. There is even a sign on the exact ‘line’, which is of course an ideal photo opportunity.

  1. Go on safari at Etosha National Park

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You can’t go to Africa and not go on a wildlife safari! Etosha is filled with wildlife and is even known to be home to a large cheetah colony. It is utterly fascinating and exceptionally heartwarming to come face to face with the world’s most coveted wildlife species.