Enjoyable Activities While Staying in Bangkok, Thailand

When staying in Bangkok, it’s good to have a plan for each day. Otherwise, there’s too much to do and it’ll be difficult to decide on the day’s activities. Firstly, get your accommodation sorted and make sure it’s close to the attractions you want to visit.

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For boutique luxury accommodations in a sociable hostel setting, Siam Hostel Bangkok is a great option. It is close to a number of shopping centers and other places of interest. This makes it very conveniently situated for guests who wish to get the most out of the city but not spend a fortune on transportation to get back to their room.

Here are several enjoyable activities to consider while in Bangkok.

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall is a little more high-end than other retail centers like MBK nearby. It caters to shoppers who wish to find designer clothing labels, great dining experiences, international bookstores, and a more sedate atmosphere.

The mall is the third largest one in Thailand, which gives you some idea about its size. It sports the largest aquarium in the whole of south-east Asia, along with their Cineplex with 16 screens filled with Hollywood and Thai entertainment. It’s right in the heart of Bangkok, making it convenient to find and combine with a visit to MBK and other nearby venues in a single trip.

Walking Around Chatuchak Market

A visit to Chatuchak Market isn’t to be missed. It’s a massive open-air market that covers more than 27 acres. There are 8,000 stalls filled with goods that the vendors are keen to sell to you at the right price.

It is a weekend market that brings in over 400,000 visitors on a typical weekend. For tourists who want to get prices closer to what a local person pays, this is a good market to frequent. There’s so much competition on goods being sold that vendors are keen to haggle.

Lumpini Park

A 500,000 square meter oasis within Bangkok, Lumpini Park is a walkable open-air park that you don’t often see in Thailand. There’s a man-made lake with boats to rent if you’d like to get out on the water. There are also different paths. Walking them all will boost your exercise for the day by over 1.5 miles.

Thai Chi is performed there regularly. The park gets busier on the weekend when office workers have time off. It’s near the Lumpini Park station, making it a convenient place to get to as well.

Sky View

The Vertigo Grill is perched on the skyline of Bangkok, high above most other buildings. The outside seating areas afford a full 360-degree view of the cityscape, which is worth the visit alone.

You’ll need to dress up for the occasion as a better standard is expected beyond cargo shorts and ripped t-shirts. Think smart/casual and you won’t be too far wrong. The view from the 61st floor is not to be missed. There are other rooftop experiences in the city, but this one is exceptional.

Whatever you decide to do in the city, mix busy activities with relaxing ones like taking a Thai massage. It will help you pace things out and not get exhausted by the level of activity while there.