Make a Trip to Dilli Dilwalon Ki

The general public has ordained Goa as the ultimate vacation spot, courtesy to its never-ending list of beaches and happening nightlife. It has gained almost a cult status among the Indian youth because of their many failed plans to visit this place. It represents the ideal of a slow-paced and peaceful lifestyle. It is an ideal, which many of the work-riddled, dark-circled youngsters look for. While Goa continues to rule the Indian tourism, Goans look for destinations other than Goa to visit. This is where the heart of the country, Delhi, comes into the picture. The fast pace of this city offers a refreshing break. The various haats and bazaars, street delicacies from the interiors of the city as well as the historical monuments all make Delhi a compelling reason for booking a Goa to Delhi flight fare.

No one list can comprehend all the amazing places one can visit in Delhi. These are a few of the many places you can enjoy during your time in this historical and culturally vibrant city.

India Gate is a place, which should not be missed for the world while visiting the capital city. A World War I memorial, it is always brimming with activity as locals and tourists both throng to it in equal numbers. The ideal way to spend time here, according to everyone, is by munching on piping hot bhutta or roasted corn. A quiet stroll at Rajpath during the early mornings and late nights is an opportunity to explore the place in a relative calm. India Gate is its most beautiful self during the nights as it lights up in the three colours of this nation. A late night visit just adds to the experience. This monument inspires in everyone a feeling of awe at the sight of its history and grandeur.

A visit to Delhi is incomplete without visiting Chandni Chowk, the liveliest of the markets in the Old Delhi neighbourhood. Numerous small and large shops dot the lanes of this market, selling everything from clothes, jewellery, and artefacts to some of the best-known delicacies of Delhi. The famous Paranthe Wali Gali is also located in Chandni Chowk, where you can find several kinds of deliciously stuffed flatbreads. Chandni Chowk is the ideal place to buy souvenirs for friends back at home. Every girl will lose her heart to the bright clothes and jewellery that adorn the small shops. Everyone can find something in this part of the Old Delhi and make memories that last a lifetime.

While Chandni Chowk showcases the heritage, Connaught Place is the hub of all the modern amenities. The huge pillared corridors house a number of branded stores for clothes, footwear and accessories. A large number of restaurants and eateries will make sure you are not too full for trying out a wide variety of food items. Outside the branded shops, sit the small vendors catering to your every little whim and fancy. You can laze around and while away your time while casually roaming through the corridors. It is the perfect place for the last leg of your journey.

The city of Delhi is well connected and accessible by the metro trains. The metro ride is an amazing experience in itself. It saves time and money, making your journey hassle free and memorable.

Perhaps that Goa to Delhi flight had never seemed as appealing as it does now.