The Best of Bangkok: Top Tips and Trick

We’ve talked about several countries and top destinations to visit in Southeast Asia in the last few articles. Thailand is one of the best countries to visit if you are looking for a culturally-rich holiday experience. Even in big cities like Bangkok, you will find many interesting traditions and local wisdom as you explore Thailand.

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Bangkok is an interesting city to explore. The city has something for everyone; it is home to great street food, hundreds of interesting shops to browse through, and so many more attractions to keep you entertained throughout the trip. It even has a great nightlife and the best parties. These tips and tricks will help you enjoy Bangkok even more.

Take Your Time

Bangkok is not the city you fall in love with when you first arrive. It is not as beautiful as Paris or as charming as Amsterdam. Bangkok is more like New York. You have to take a deep breath and observe for a moment when you first visit this city. That’s when you start noticing its uniqueness.

Get Lost

One of the best things you can do in Bangkok is wandering; get lost and you will find charming things around the city. It is the place for eating and sampling cuisines from different parts of the region. It is also the place to have a lot of fun.

A great way to explore Bangkok is by looking for a rental bike Bangkok and taking a ride around the city. A scooter allows you to explore the back alleys and small roads; the best local restaurants and shops are actually found on smaller roads.

Live Like a Local

Forget the fancy restaurants and that club every international traveler goes to; when in Bangkok, live like a Thai. The people in Bangkok are very friendly and many of them speak good English, so don’t hesitate to start conversations and make friends.

There are local tours and guides that will help you get to know Bangkok a bit better too. These tours take you to the restaurants and hangout places that are popular among the locals, giving you the opportunity to live like a local.

Don’t Forget the Chatuchak Market…

You really can’t visit Bangkok without exploring the Chatuchak Market. The market opens on Saturday and Sunday and it is one of the marvels of Bangkok. There are over 5,000 stalls and shops here, including food stalls.

The Chatuchak Market is popular among travelers, but you can safely shop here without paying tourist prices. Even souvenirs are cheaper here.

…and the Chao Phraya River

The area near Chao Phraya River, as well as the river itself, are also among the places you want to explore in Bangkok. The river is home to the best boat tours in Bangkok, while the areas around it are filled with great restaurants and shops. Consider going on a dinner cruise in the evening to complete your Bangkok experience. The city of Bangkok has a lot to offer. There are plenty of attractions near the city too. The tips and tricks we discussed in this article will help you enjoy the best of Bangkok.