The Condor Hotel in Williamsburg – Why you should opt for this hotel

Are you traveling to Williamsburg Brooklyn for business or leisure reasons? If answered yes, you can book your stay at the Condor hotel as it is one of the most affordable and premium hotels. When you’re on a business tour and you’re looking for a corporate lodging which is located in Brooklyn and that is pretty close to the Brooklyn attractions, Condor Hotel is the answer for you. Their reception is awesome as the guests are welcomed with a warm smile and with a true feel of their ethics. Due to the proximity of the hotel with the local shopping area, guests take full benefit. The guests can visit the local cafes and restaurants and other convenient Brooklyn public transport. The best part is that they can be in ‘The City’ within very short span of time.

What sorts of amenities can you get in Condor?

When it comes to Condor Hotel, convenience and comfort will always come first. Being one of the most preferred Brooklyn boutique hotels, there are hosts of guest amenities and services. Here are some that you may take into account.

  • Garden: Condor Hotel has a well-manicured garden which has been created to become the beauty and epitome of urban backdrop. The design of the landscaper has separate sitting areas and guests are allowed to enjoy a level of discretion and privacy.
  • Refreshment: Do you need a refreshment break at any time of the day? If answered yes, you have to visit Condor Front Desk and there you can find baked cookies and a wide selection of gourmet coffees, teas and a selection of lemonade and hot chocolate free of cost.
  • Living room: If you’re looking for a place to be, the Condor hotel living room is the best place to be. You can unwind, relax, socialize and meet new friends. You can arrange personal celebrations at local venues as the Condor living room is usually a calm zone. You’re given a computer for 24/7 access, large-screen flat TV, maps and magazines.
  • Breakfast: They will serve you continental breakfast every morning in their spacious dining area and you get a selection that can please everyone. You get yogurts, Belgian waffles, croissants, muffins, tea, coffee and fresh fruit.

Therefore, whenever you’re out for a business or a personal trip, you have to ensure staying at Condor Hotel to reap the above mentioned benefits. To know more, you may check out