Top 5 Of Australia’s Environmental Movements

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The EPI or the Environmental Performance Index ranks all countries yearly depending on how each fared in helping save the environment. Among the most eco-friendly states that always make it to the list is Australia.

Various projects and movements are made to help conserve the environment. There are many reasons why Australia is an Environmentally Diverse Continent, and some of these are the following.

Solar Panel Farms

As the solar industry in Australia continues to rise, the government’s efforts are continuously making progress. According to the Chief Executive of Smart Energy Council, John Grimes, “The approved solar panel farms can be erected within a few of weeks since they are fairly easy and simple to build.”

The boost in solar energy demand in Queensland made it possible for construction of 18 large-scale solar farm project currently being constructed. “As more people become aware of how solar energy can be a cheap alternative to electricity, many are switching sides just to lessen their energy bills,” says Grimes.

Skip Bins Waste Disposal

Most Australian residents who decide to move into a new location or tries to renovate and redecorate are now taking advantage of Skip bins for hire in eliminating wastes. Business owners are beginning to realise how beneficial it is for them and the environment to let the professionals handle their garbage.

Reliable Skip Bins Perth companies can effectively dispose of your waste without you ever having to worry about where and how you can get rid of your trash. You get a clean conscience no matter how many trash you put in the bin, knowing someone knowledgeable will dispose of your garbage the proper way.

National Parks and Conservation Reserves

Australia prides itself on having more than 500 national parks and conservation reserves. These parks have their laws meant to protect and conserve their ecosystems. Native landscapes, unique varieties of plants as well as wildlife continue to thrive thanks to the efforts made to save the environment. Many endangered plants and animals are thriving thanks to the creation and preservation of national parks.

Organic Food Production

Australia prides itself on being the nation that produces the most significant amount of organic foods and for having the most extensive land expansion meant for organic production. Not only that – 6 out of 10 Australians choose organic foods making them highly committed to natural products.

“Since organic produce operates on sustainability, the environment can benefit from the production of organic foods,” says Michael Clark and David Tilman noted in one of their publications.

Green Architectures

Most states in Australia build structures made from sustainable materials. According to the Australian Trade Commision, over 20% of Central Business District offices in Australia are Green Star Certified. This only means that many buildings in Australia are built by experts who are advocates of eco-friendly elements that make the operation, construction and design sustainable.

Because of this, we can consider Australia as an eco-friendly continent. If you’re on the lookout for an excellent example of an Environmentally Diverse Continent, then take it from the Aussies to do a remarkable job compared to other nations.