What’s special about Mussoorie Mall Road?

Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills is the best place to experience adventure and beauty at the same time. The Mall provides some amazing views to the tourists visiting to this place .It has two ends ; one which leads to the picture palace road and the other which leads to the library chowk. You can never have enough of this Mall road, providing end number of shops consisting of almost everything that you are looking for. From the splendid fabrics , street shopping , handmade purchases , chocolate shop , night cafes to the list that will never end . Here are some major things which make this Mall road completely exceptional.

       1)Kulri bazaar

If you are a shopaholic , this place is for you. Kulri bazaar will amaze you with end number of options for shopping. It has a beautiful stall for handicrafts , the stylish shoe store varying from locals to the more expensive ones , the chocolate shop providing you with tasty delicious chocolates , the branded bags and a lot more things . You can bargain to make your pocket a little less emptier as they try to charge high . A lot of tourists visit to this place for the amazing stuffs which the bazaar provides with.

         2)Tibetan Market

It’s famous for wonderful embroidery and hand woven clothes with the best finish look offering with different varieties of fabrics.  This market will allure the people who are genuinely mad about clothes. As soon as you enter this place , it will enlighten you with something new and trendy. Also, it offers extremely beautiful woolen clothes , jackets , sweaters which you will not be able to find somewhere else .

        3)Cambridge Book Store

This is the place which makes people shock . When you are actually on a holiday , you will never expect such stores on the hilly areas . But , this store has something creative and wonderful. If you are a book lover , do not miss this place . It has a wide collection of books from all over the world . Especially , it’s famous for Ruskin Bond’s collection. You can buy your new list of books at pocket friendly prices here.

         4)Classic Emporium

It is one of the oldest shop which is famous for handcrafts , different kinds of lampshades , jewelry items and sculptures. Many tourists arrive at this place and purchase huge amount of items as it is one of the famous shop at Mall .Even, you can purchase the elegant candles , handmade boxes and a variety of similar stuffs here, at comparatively lower prices.

        5)Kala Niketan

If you are keen for beautiful paintings , it will make you go crazy. It’s full with creative paintings which people buy to decorate their walls of their rooms making them feel more refreshed . You can also customize your paintings at this spot.

Mussoorie mall road attracts a huge amount of people due to its variety of shopping spots that are located nearby hotels to stay. You can literally get anything you want . It proves that, the hills aren’t just made for seeing the nature beauty but also for some shopaholics local people who often get fascinated by these wide variety of shopping malls located at the top. It gives the place a unique and different mark to attract people to actually visit this place.