5 Ways to Learn Authentic Thai Cooking

There is no food on earth quite as aromatically intoxicating as Thai cuisine and if you are a foodie with a passion for Thai cooking, isn’t it time you learned the secrets you can use at home? Why eat out every day if you can learn to cook native Thai from your very own kitchen. Whether you run a local restaurant or simply want authentic flavors at home, here are five of the best ways to learn authentic Thai cooking.

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1. Cooking School in Thailand

If given the choice, this would be the best option. Nowhere can you learn to cook authentic Thai than from the kitchens of a Thai cooking school Chiang Mai. Bear in mind that many of the herbs and roots used in Thai dishes may or may not be available elsewhere on earth, and so it really does pay to learn the right names for spices you will use in your dishes and where to order them upon arrival home.

2. Thai Cookbooks

Most bookstores offer a variety of ethnic cookbooks, so at your local Barnes & Noble or their online bookstore, you are probably going to find at least a few with Thai recipes. While not exactly the same as learning from those world-class chefs mentioned above, you will get a basic idea on how to get a basic start.

3. Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are also a good place to get pointers on Thai cuisine, especially if they come complete with video presentations or step-by-step photos. Again, it’s not the same thing as hands-on learning, as you would get in a Thai cooking school, but if you are unable to travel at this time, it’s as good a place as any to get a start. Take that trip to Chiang Mai next year and this year you can begin familiarizing yourself with the key ingredients.

4. Social Media

Social media is going to be a great place to meet Thai nationals and Thai chefs who might be willing to share their culinary secrets. In fact, why not check out YouTube presentations while you’re at it? Did you know that YouTube is the second largest social media site in the world behind only Facebook and the second largest search engine behind Google? If you can find video tutorials on Thai cooking, this is where you’ll find them.

5. Ask a Local Thai Chef

Here’s an option which may or may not work. Some chefs are very secretive about their recipes and you will find many reluctant to share that one ingredient that sets their dishes apart from other restaurants in the area. However, at the very least you can get a few pointers on what to do and what not to do when preparing Thai cuisine from home.

Any foodie will tell you that there is nothing quite like tasting food in its natural element. This may mean taking that trip to Thailand after all, but once you’ve experienced authentic Thai cuisine, that trip is certain to top your bucket list. Get ready for a culinary experience second to none – authentic Thai cuisine.

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