Enjoy Bali cruise trips

Enjoy Bali cruise trips

One thing about working hospitality in an island is that you will have to offer cruise trips. Ayana offers an incomparable Bali cruise trip experience. Ayana hotels are located at the shores of the Indian Ocean and therefore there will be opportunities for clients to seek to explore the ocean more.

A cruise trip experience is likely to be the highlight of your day whenever you experience one. Ayana has in its arsenal several cruise packages that their customers could choose from.

Single day packages

When choosing a cruise trip, you have the choice of a single day or multi-day and night Bali cruise package. For single day packages you have the choice of the following:

Full day tour

When you select to go on this cruise, you have a packed day moving from one point of the island to another in the Ayana boat. This is a cruise trip and a hiking trip all in one.

For this trip, you will be picked from the hotel early in the morning after you have had breakfast. Your lunch will be served in the boat packed from the hotel. You will then visit the Komodo National Park and have a view of the largest lizard in the world.

You will also get the opportunity to visit the magnificent Rinka Island for a hike. Hikes are best taken before the sun gets too hot. You can therefore either experience this in the morning or in the afternoon at sunset.

You will also go snorkeling and deep-sea diving before you call it a day and head back to the hotel.

Sunset cruise

This is a short cruise that you take to chase down the sun as it sets across the ocean. This cruise takes you along the Indian Ocean to have a firsthand experience of the bats leaving their caves at sunset.

This is a breathtaking event that will be a memorable highlight of your trip as you watch bats instinctively take to the skies as the sun sets.

Half-day tour package

This is a small variation of the full-day cruise package. For this package, you will sail across the island and visit the Komodo National Park. Thereafter, you will be treated to a sumptuous lunch picnic and then head back to the hotel as you enjoy the stillness of the Indian Ocean.

Multi-day cruise packages

Just like there are multiple single day packages, you can choose from a range of trip packages which include:

5 days 4 nights package

This is a cruise package that is definitely fit for kings. It is suitable for large parties such as wedding parties or corporate team bonding parties.

In the boat, you are well taken care of by the professional staff of the Ayana hotel. During these five days and four nights, you will get to visit as many of the marine attractions of the ocean, the Komodo park and get to dive into the depths of the ocean to snorkel with dolphins and rare fish species. You will also get a chance to visit the magnificent coral reefs dotted around the depths of the ocean a big distance away from shore.

3 days 2 nights packages

This is another multi-day package that Ayana guests can choose for their cruise trips. The cruise sets sail from the hotel on the morning of the first day.

In this trip, you will get to experience the different beaches around the island of Bali. You will get a chance to visit the unique pink and black beaches. Between them is an island you will have to hike to have an aerial view of the three different color beaches surrounding you.

Also, you will get to enjoy a romantic dinner on the deck of the unique boat you will be cruising in as you stargaze into the night and enjoy the sparkling stillness of the ocean all around you.

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