Namibia Family Safari

And there can be no better place to take that magical family safari than Namibia, a desert country of stark and breathtaking beauty with one of the world’s wildest coastlines. Namibia is sparsely populated but proud and culturally diverse tribes live as they have lived over generations. It is a country rich in diamonds, wilderness and wildlife. All this makes it an ideal family safari or family vacation destination. This is a place that is popular with celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who also found it a great place to have their baby!

Unlike many of the popular safari destinations in Africa, Namibia is one of the few African countries where a self-drive holiday is an excellent option, with the extra flexibility that this brings. This can be particularly important and helpful if you are traveling with young children. Another important consideration when you’re planning to travel with … Read the rest

Ways To Get Cheap First Class Fares

When you and your family decide to go abroad on a long vacation to spend some time away from home, you have to think about the budget. Allocating a certain amount of money for this very luxurious trip is a must before you begin planning. However, this can be a difficult task as the price of tickets is extremely high. This is especially true when you are travelling to another part of the world. This is the reason why most people are forced to pre-book months in advance. While you may do this and save a little on the overall cost, there are more disadvantages than the good. Booking several months in advance can cause many problems. A person or a working couple cannot ask for a leave two months in advance from their workplace. If you assume that you will be granted a leave and at the end you … Read the rest

Travelling With Small Children Does Not Have to Be Stressful

The words stress, toddlers, and travel do seem to fit together. Everyone of us who has had or has now got small children would by and large agree with these three words. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that, all you need to do is to follow a few simple hints and tips.

We adults spend our lives dealing with deadlines, and travelling on vacation is no different. We tend to cut things fine, but our toddlers have no concept of time so we have to learn to allow for this. Just leave early, don’t be in such a hurry, because our toddlers see everything as new and exciting so they want to stop, explore, have a rest, you name it, they are up to it. We get stressed, because we know the aircraft will leave on time without us, so allow more time, and … Read the rest

How Will Brexit Impact the Haulage Industry?

Just over two years have passed since the idea that Britain would leave the EU became a reality for everyone. However, we have all had enough time to let this reality sink in, and we’ve even heard several political talks of the many deals which can possibly be cut out of existence as we leave. In the wake of the political arguments, life on the ground has already began to change. And, even though we haven’t actually left the EU as yet, some sectors have already reached their point of no return.

Haulage Disruptions

Because of Brexit talks, several major disruptions have come to pass due to the uncertainty of the future. But, unlike other sectors, the haulage sector feels this pain the most, since we are unsure of the deal that will be made in our favour, or if one will even be made to start with. And, the … Read the rest

Top 5 Child-Friendly Activities on a Family Vacation in Phuket Thailand

Families traveling with kids always want to know if the kids will have as much fun as the adults and especially if there are safe things to do no matter where they go. Traveling halfway around the world to Thailand can be a fun and educational experience for everyone involved if you choose your destinations wisely.

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1. Play Areas in Family Hotels

While there are some cities in which you probably wouldn’t want to bring along the entire family, Phuket Island is a perfect location. You can easily find a family hotel in Phuket that goes beyond catering to tourists; they go above and beyond to make this a memorable stay for the kids. Check out the Holiday Inn Resort in Phuket with its very own Kids’ Club complete with family pools, Xbox 360 and kid-minders so that parents can enjoy some adult R&R.

2. Water Theme

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The Benefits of Travelling for Addiction-Related Care

Having an addiction can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Once you have made the decision to seek help, it can be hard to know where is best to go to help get you back on track. Here are some of the benefits of traveling for addiction-related care.

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Going Somewhere New

There are many reasons why people choose to travel overseas to seek treatment for addiction. Traveling somewhere new can help broaden your mind and make you feel more comfortable and better prepared for treatment. There are various treatment clinics located in sunny and exotic locations, which are known to generate a wide range of physiological benefits. Going out of your comfort zone for treatment can do wonders for your mental health, helping you stay focused and on track when receiving addiction-related treatment. If you decide to stay at home for treatment, there are … Read the rest

Why More People Are Choosing to Get Medical Care Abroad

Getting medical care abroad certainly isn’t a new thing, but it is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst people may have once been worried about getting medical care anywhere else but where they live, people are now choosing to get all kinds of procedures abroad from cosmetic to dental. Here are just a few reasons why it is becoming so popular to travel abroad for medical procedures.

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It Is Less Costly

The biggest reason that people travel elsewhere to get a medical procedure is the price. Even with flights and transport, getting a medical procedure abroad can still be cheaper than getting it in the US. This is definitely the case for many people looking for dental work or cosmetic procedures including breast implants or tummy tucks. Remember, when you are looking on medical sites, the price should not be the only thing that matters. You … Read the rest

4 Tips for Traveling on a Student Budget

Whether you are just starting out in your freshman year or studying for your online master’s degree, living on a tight budget comes with the territory of college life. If you have an urge to travel and see as much of the world as you can, getting the money together to do so can be tricky. But, it’s not impossible! Read on for our top tips for traveling as much as you can on a tight student budget.

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#1. Cut Your Travel Costs:

Many people mistakenly believe that travel is something that has to be expensive. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Traveling can be as cheap or as costly as you make it, and with a few savvy money-saving tricks you can explore more of the world than you’d ever imagined on a shoestring budget. For example, you can drive down the cost … Read the rest

Haida HR First Meeting: Foreign teachers receive a ‘yummy’ welcome to new semester with DIY Mooncakes

Welcoming teachers back to their schools for the new semester, and helping them fit in the school life as they get acquainted with the Chinese traditions and culture, Haida Interact International organized a ‘First Meeting’ for all teachers in Futian Area.

Coincidentally, the meeting was held during the Mid-Autumn Festival. To mark the celebrations, Haida HR conducted a DIY Mooncake activity for the foreign teachers. The activity aided the foreign educators in gaining a better comprehension of the tradition and legends associated with the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

The DIY Mooncake activity during the ‘First Meeting’ was conducted in a similar style to that of the one conducted by Haida HR for its foreign teachers in Hangzhou. The teachers were told about the different styles of mooncakes such as Cantonese style mooncake and Suzhou style mooncake. The educators later participated in the mooncake making activity.

The foreign … Read the rest

The Trendiest Car Accessories that Make Driving Efficient, Safe and Fun!

You’d be really living under a rock If you consider cars to be a luxury only selected people could afford. Gone are the days when a car was looked at as a luxurious way to commute, nowadays car is an asset. It is every person’s ambition to own a car and to travel to their workplace every day. In the recent trends, it has changed further over to a smart companion one has in their journey. The cars are now lavish, technologically advanced, and smart.

Cars are equipped with trendy gadgets which make them upbeat with this generation. This generation is looking out for personalisation and security from a car. Although the same brand and the same model, everyone wants their car to be a little extra special. Personalisation in the features and enhanced security are some of the aspects where the car accessories crawl in. A personal touch to … Read the rest

Travel to Myanmar: Have a Tryst With the Land of Pagodas

Myanmar, the otherworldly place where there is pagodas is situated in Southeast Asia. It is encompassed by five neighboring nations yet it isn’t arriving bolt as its west and south opens into the ocean. The western drift faces the Bay of Bengal and the southern drift faces the excellent Andaman Sea. It is a place that is known for secret for what it’s worth yet to be found. Myanmar has a lot of miracles for the eye. Travel to Myanmar and treat yourself to an extravagance occasion to this place where there is astounding amazements and tranquil excellence. Motivate your creative ability with acclaimed landmarks, rich legacy and new culture. Benefit any of the world’s extravagance travel offices for a customized occasion to this place of dazzling excellence. An extravagance occasion isn’t only an adventure into extravagance yet in addition ever, culture and legacy, it is the sort of occasion … Read the rest

5 Amazing places to visit in Lonavala for a memorable trip:

Lonavala is one of the beautiful hill stations in India. It merely leaves you spellbound when you wander from place to place. While you are traveling from one spot to another, your eyes will lit up as you will feel some majestic and incredible views on this popular hill station.

There are lots of things you can do in this lovely place. It offers you a beautiful experience of the naturalistic environment which is surrounded with waterfalls, greenery, thick woods, dam closes, trekking camp activities and more.

As a traveler, all you have to do is book luxurious hotels in Lonavala and start exploring the realistic scenic beauties through a hotel travel guide, or you can even explore the dense waterfalls and spots on your own.

This tour to Lonavala will be an incredible tour because you can feel the nature over here and have some real fun in trekking … Read the rest

The Ultimate Guide to Driving in Namibia

Namibia is an amazing adventure for many tourists, and many professionals find themselves visiting the country for business, too. Unfortunately, too many people get into trouble because they don’t know what they need to do before they get out on Namibia’s roads. Here is the ultimate guide to driving in Namibia so that your trip is as smooth and safe as possible.

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Understand the Rules, Regulations and Restrictions

If you’re driving in Namibia, you need to have your driver’s license, passport and insurance documents with you at all times. If your driver’s license isn’t in English, you’ll need an international driver’s license.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old and you have to be 23 to rent a car.

Make sure you are aware of the speed limits; the urban speed limit is 60 kph, while rural highways let you drive anywhere from 80 to … Read the rest