The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car in Dubai this 2020 Year

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car in Dubai this 2020 Year

You can find a cheap car rental Dubai deal on your next rental car with memberships and online resources. Do your research before you reach the location of the rental car.

You only need a couple of wheels to ride off. But who wants to pay large amounts for a day or more on a car rental? The good news: is that you don’t have to.

The below 10 tricks help you to get a cheap car rental Dubai for your next road trip, be it a short weekend escape or a cross-country journey.

1. Skip the airport

When you fly into a new city, it is convenient to rent a car at the airport.  That convenience has a price to it, thanks to airport surcharges.

Rate out rental locations in the city and compare them with what is available at the airport.

2. Shop around online

Browse on the internet for a cheap car rental Dubai, where you might find exorbitant discounts, especially with a “Pay Now” option. Be aware that rentals paid in advance are generally non-refundable.

3. Turn to discount brands

Big-names car rental agencies are not the only outfits in town. Discount  brand agencies are also competing for your business and often at a lower rate than big-names rental agencies.

4. Leverage memberships

Frequent-flier packages also provide rental car discounts, but you must rent directly from the airport.

5. Opt for economy cars

Low-cost cars are usually the cheapest, and therefore most probably it will be booked. And this will be an advantage.

6. Stick to one driver

Most car rental agencies charge you a daily fee to add a driver. There are ways, however, to skip this charge. Some agencies, waive the additional driver fee for a spouse or domestic partner, but on your driver’s licenses, you both need to have the same address. Others will waive the fee if you enroll in their membership program for spouses, partners, and immediate family members.

7. Use your insurance

If you have a car, you should probably be covered by the primary insurance while you rent a car.

Most credit cards do provide limited insurance benefits while you use your card to pay for your rental car.

Renting overseas? You might need to buy insurance, even if your primary car insurance and/or credit card coverage is available.

8. Forgo the extras

Rental agencies make more money if they offer you amenities such as road assistance, satellite radio, and GPS navigation. If you resist their attempt, you will save money.

9. Price out prepaid gas

Use a website such as GasBuddy to scale up nearby gas stations and current fuel prices so that you can compare with the rental car company’s prepaid price.

Add in how possible it is when you return the car rental that you might have a near-empty tank. You may just need to fill up your tank before returning the car on a short day or weekend drive. Longer trips can save you a couple of bucks when you roll in on fumes.

10. Walk or ride

While these ideas will help you get a cheap car rental Dubai monthly, there’s another safe way to save: skip the rental altogether.

Most major cities have walkable downtowns and extensive networks of public transport, not to mention taxis and apps for ride sharing save yourself the commuter headache and often expensive parking fees, if you can, just purchase a weekend subway pass for yourself.


If you know how and where to search for cheap car rental in Dubai, it will be easy to browse. Select the agency you can trust and use the suggestions above to get the best out of it!

Contact Yes Sure if you need a cheap car rental Dubai for a few days, for a week or even for a month? And we are ready to offer you the best service and support.

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