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Trekking to Bhutan

Trekking to Bhutan

There are many ways to seek pleasure. Some go for materialistic pleasure and some seek pleasure through the beauty of nature. If you fall among the latter, it is more likely that you will remain happier in your life. Yes, this is true. Pleasure gained from best bhutan tours materialistic things does not last for long. If you want to experience something which is real and long lasting, then you should look for something which is more real and natural. If you love being in the shadow of Mother Nature, then you would definitely love going for expeditions such as trekking, rock climbing, rafting, and many more.

Trekking can be really fun, if you follow its rules religiously. It means that you should enjoy it thoroughly and most important of all you should complete the journey till the end with the same enthusiasm. There are many places around the world where you can have unimaginable trekking experience, and Bhutan is one of them. We all know Bhutan as a culture rich country with rich vegetation. It is also known as the last kingdom of the Himalayan Buddhist. Trekking to Bhutan can be really a fun filled experience for your whole life. It will be a multi-day trip where you can remain along with the other fellow members of the camp. So you will never feel alone and afraid. Even the government of Bhutan does not allow trekking without forming a camp or group. Since most of the areas in Bhutan are quite remote, therefore it is always better and advisable to remain as a group during the trek.

The villages in Bhutan are quite far from each other. It means that to encounter a village you will have to walk for a long time, which may be 6 to 7 hours. But during the journey you will experience some of the best beautiful features of our mother earth, such as alpine highlands, subtropical jungles, snow-capped peaks, and some of the best natural landscapes. As far as the luggage is concerned, you do not have to bother about it. it is usually carried by yaks, and mules. Along with them, you will also be accompanied by a cook, and a Bhutanese guide.

For the people of Bhutan, the mountains are believed to be as sacred an Trekking to Bhutan pure as any other deities in their home. Therefore you should always respect the mountains. There are many mountains in Bhutan. During the trek you should always take proper care of your health to ensure that your body is adapting to the situations well.

Trekking to Bhutan can be best during the month of April and October. Tours to Bhutan remain at the peak during these seasons. During the rest of the months, you can still plan tours to Bhutan, but trekking is not at its best during that time. In Bhutan there are around fifteen treks, which vary in difficulty level. Some of them are Druk Path, Bumthang Cultural and Gangtey Nature, Lunana Snowman, and the Jhomolhari – Laya – Gasa trek.

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