Tips To Save Money On Hotels

Tips To Save Money On Hotels

We use hotels for one reason—to lodge when we are away from home. Whatever the reason you are away from home—business trip, sightseeing, et cetera—hotels can come in very handy.  While many people use hotels, not many know how to save money when booking a room. There are also essential items you should carry along for your trip. You can shop for these items on online market places, like Go Groopie, for your holidays.

These tips will help you save money when you book a hotel anywhere in the world;

Book directly with the hotel

Many hotels promise that you will find the lowest possible rates on their sites to encourage direct booking. Other sites collect commissions over the hotel booking you make on them. Therefore, when you book directly with the hotel, you avoid paying such a commission.

Use a wireless router

The internet is very crucial to our lives these days. It is like finding a unicorn when you find a person who does not use it. Therefore, it is understandable that you might need to use the internet during your period of stay. Rather than rack up your expenses by utilising the paid Wi-Fi from the hotel, you will be better off with a personal router. With it, you carry a guarantee of the internet about, and at the same time, you save money.

Do your laundry

You will save more on hotel bills when you do your laundry. This option is best for quick, light-weight fabrics. At most, you might only need to use the hotel’s dryer to remove any lingering dampness on clothes.

Skip the hotel bar

You can bring along your beers, sodas, and drinks. To make sure they are chilled and inviting, you may consider getting some ice and using your bathroom sink as a cooler. It is very much cheaper to watch some television in your room with fewer beers than visiting the bar.

Make your breakfast

Except you are staying in the hotel’s concierge-level, you might want to consider staying making your breakfast. As expensive as the concierge-level is, one would begin to appreciate the free perks that come with it, making the amount worth the service. However, if you are not in that section, and you have to pay for food, you might want to consider a better way—making your breakfast. It would help if you also kept an eye out for hotels with free breakfast—many of them offer this service.

Keep an eye out for website deals.

The competitiveness of the market makes many hotels give out discounts on their prices. They do this to attract a broader customer base. To save more money on your hotel bills, you might want to consider keeping an eye out for these deals.

Be loyal

Though it is not always possible to do so, loyalty to a particular hotel has a wide range of benefits. As a reputable customer, some services might be offered to you free of charge. You might even be able to rack up some credit with the hotel firm.


There is nothing wrong with calling the hotel to negotiate with them on the prices of their rooms. Sometimes, you might be lucky and successful in striking a deal with them. Remember, it is better to have tried than not to have tried at all.

Book at the last minute

Last-minute bookings are desirable deals for anyone looking to save money on their hotel expenses. If you are sure that there is no problem with getting other means of accommodation if you lose your hotel reservation, you can try booking at the last minute.

You must read reviews of several hotel agencies before making commitments with them. You can check out a list of hotel reviews here.

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